Getting around the Old Quarter

Ever wonder how to get around Hanoi Old Quarter? Below are a comprehensive list of what you can use to discover old city:

1/ Taxi:

Taxi is inexpensive and abundance in Hanoi Old Quarter. Make sure you get on a taxi that has a brand and a phone number. Although there are cases of taxi scams reported in the past, it happens rarely during the day. The most trusted taxi brand is Taxi Group (painted white with red and blue line). Costs: $50-75 cents/ km.

2/ Bus:

There are buses that connect Hanoi Old Quarter with the rest of the city. The most noted ones are:

- Number 9: connection to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (depart from bus stop near Hoan Kiem Lake)
- Number 14: connection to East side of the West Lake (depart from bus stop near Hoan Kiem Lake)
- Number 31: connection to Giap Bat Bus station (depart from bus stop near Hoan Kiem Lake)
- Number 17: connection to Noi Bai Airport (depart from bus stop near Dong Xuan market)
- Number 23: connection to Temple of Literature (depart from bus stop on Ly Nam De street)

If you want to experience the most local way of life, taking a bus is the best idea. Make sure you print out a bus map in advance. Ticket costs: 7,000 VND (about 30 cents)

3/ Train:

There is no train line inside the city

4/ Walking:

Hanoi Old Quarter is not the most pedestrian-friendly city in the world, but walking is the best way to explore the Old Quarter. Walking from one end to another in the Old Quarter takes about 30 minutes.

5/ Cyclos:

Cyclo normally only does trip around the Old Quarter and to nearby attraction such as Temple of Literature but not longer than that. It is an enjoyable way to slowly swallow in the beauty of the city. Agree on a price before you set to go.

6/ Electric car:

Several electric cars run tours around the Old Quarter. Sometimes it does not have fixed schedule but wait until it gets full, or you can pay full fare to charter the car. These cars will take you around the Old Quarter to highlighted streets.

7/ Cycling:

Hanoi Old Quarter is not the best place for cyclists. Way too many motorbike and honking will just make a ride not a recommended thing to do.

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